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Is Apple Watch Worth It?

Mar 19

For the past three years I have owned an Apple Watch, and let me tell you that it has been a life changing accessory. Before owning one, I felt like there I was constantly glancing at my phone to check the time and texts instead of focusing on what was in front of me. Having an Apple Watch made everything easier. All I had to worry about when checking the time or my notifications was a quick flick of my wrist. 
 Also, the watch helped keep me active with special fitness tracking features and apps to remind me daily to meet my activity goals. For example, during a walk, run or bike ride the apps will let you know how far you traveled, your average step count throughout the day, and other important fitness information which motivates me even more. It also monitors various stages of sleep which helps be become aware of good and bad habits during my bedtime routine as well as suggests helpful tips for health improvement.  
 Last but not least is the feature that makes it stand out from every other device: its impressive design. The screen is vibrant with true tone colors making all images look natural combined with perfectly crafted straps to choose from – all these while being waterproof too!  
The Apple Watch has been an incredible investment since having it on my wrist each day helps keep track of my lifestyle making sure everything remains balanced and keeps up with all activities for better health outcomes in all areas of life - social, work & physical. It’s definitely worth it!

How Apple Watch can Enhance Your Life

The Apple Watch is intended to improve your overall well-being, whether by making it easier to stay active, lowering your phone usage, assisting you in locating your phone, or providing you with faster access to things.

I'll go over my eight favorite Apple Watch features before touching on a couple places where it could be better. The idea is to help you decide whether the Apple Watch is worth the money.

Eight Favorite Uses

1. Fitness Inspiration

In 2017, I set a goal of closing all three Activity Rings on a daily basis for two weeks, which required at least 30 minutes of exercise per day. But after I did that, I couldn't stop because I didn't want to break my streak, and I'm currently on a 1,500-day stretch of closing my rings.

Let's talk about the three Activity Rings that you need to close each day to learn how the Apple Watch has transformed me into a machine and radically changed my perspective on exercising:

Stand. To close the ring, stand for one minute at twelve separate times.
Exercise. Close the ring by recording 30 minutes of movement per day. Every complete minute of movement that is equivalent to or greater than the intensity of a brisk stroll counts toward your daily Workout target.
Move. Close the ring by burning a certain number of active calories each day. Apple Watch calculates calories burned based on your heart rate and physical activity. The baseline Move goal is 450 active calories, but you can customize it based on your age, gender, and weight. You can update your target manually at any time.

You can record more than 20 different types of workouts on your Apple Watch to count towards your objectives. It includes lower-intensity workouts such as strolling, yoga, and dance, so it should appeal to people of all fitness levels. If you can't find the precise workout indicated, you can chart it as "Other" to gain credit as if you were on a brisk stroll.

We shouldn't need a gizmo to keep us active, but the Apple Watch's Activity Rings, workout streaks, monthly challenges, and social component of tracking your friends' efforts transform exercise into a fun game. It holds me accountable and motivates me to move more frequently.

2. Locate a Misplaced Phone

We've all misplaced our phones, whether in the couch cushions or in another room. You can find it by asking someone else in the room to summon it. But what if you're alone and your phone is set to silent? The task becomes significantly more difficult.

Menu on Swipe Up
With the Apple Watch, you can simply locate your phone with a swipe up from the bottom of the watch screen, then tap on the phone shaking icon. Even in silent mode, your phone will make a noise. This feature appears basic, yet it is quite useful. It's something I use at least once a day. When I ask new Apple Watch owners what they appreciate best about their watch, this is frequently the first feature they mention.

3. Leave your phone at home.

Because it delivers just enough basic functionality without being a distraction, the Apple Watch is a perfect device for folks who prefer to stay in the moment and leave their phone at home.

I no longer need my phone during workouts, giving me an hour a day to detach and clear my mind. The Apple Watch's GPS automatically measures distance and location during workouts such as running, biking, hiking, or strolling. What about listening to music while working out? Music, podcasts, and audiobooks can be put into its 32 GB onboard storage before to your workout.

Connect to Headphones Directly

If you get the cellular version, you can stream Apple Music or Spotify directly from your watch without having to preload it. The cellular version allows you to make and receive calls and texts, giving you peace of mind by letting you to be reached in an emergency without the distraction of a phone. It's perfect for dating nights with my wife.

4. Reduce Phone Screen Time

When I use my phone more than I should, phone alerts frequently lead to 15-minute distractions. While using an Apple Watch, notifications are sent to the watch first, rather than the phone. Some may believe that this increases distractions and screen time. But, after altering the type of notifications I received, my phone now remains in my pocket for longer periods of time than it did previously.

The watch's small screen and restricted functionality also prevent me from acting on most notifications immediately, allowing me to keep in the loop on essential topics without the need to act unless it's urgent. If you believe that notifications will be a distraction, you can disable them all.

My usual Warch Face

Even without notifications, you may limit your screen time by customizing your watch faces to provide quick access to weather, time, calendar, and timer information.

NFC Reader 5

Apple Pay for iPhone is fantastic, but it involves verification (Face ID or Touch ID) and the removal of your phone from your pocket. Double-tap the side button on the Apple Watch to display your card, then point your watch towards the store's card reader. Payment will never be easier than this. Nothing needs to be unlocked or removed from your pocket.

While Apple Pay was a fantastic feature from the initial Apple Watch, it was not universally accepted. Apple Pay is now accepted in the vast majority of American retail locations.

The NFC chip is capable of more than just Apple Pay; it also supports Apple Home Key. With certain smart locks (I'm now trying the Level Lock+), simply placing your watch near the lock will cause it to unlock. The NFC chip also enables automatic training mode activation with GymKit-enabled equipment (such as the Peloton Cycle).

Siri on the wrist
Smart speakers, such as the HomePod or Alexa, are useful, but they have limitations. Several devices are required to provide coverage in every area, responses may not be tailored, and there is no visual display to prove that the assistant heard and understood your request correctly.

The benefit of Siri on the Apple Watch is that it is constantly with you, so you don't have to shout across the room to catch its attention, and the results are displayed on a screen. Simply lift your watch to your face or hold down the digital crown and speak to activate Siri. Siri remains Siri. It may misinterpret you or take a long time to answer, but having it on your wrist is by far the most handy location for it.

7. Sleep Monitoring

According to The Quantified Scientist, the Apple Watch moved from not being able to track sleep at all to doing so mediocrely, and is now rated one of the most accurate trackers on the market.

It tracks your time in bed, time asleep, and time awake, and divides your sleep time into REM, core, and deep sleep, graphing the results.

I'll admit that I don't like wearing something big on my wrist when sleeping, preferring something like the Oura Ring or other non-wearable devices. Nonetheless, there's no doubting that the Apple Watch is now one of the best basic sleep trackers on the market, and it's a fantastic extra function.

8. Health Benefits

Because I'm young and healthy, I don't use the Apple Watch's other health capabilities, but they're worth discussing briefly.

It can identify when you've fallen and notify emergency services, warn you when the decibel level is high enough to impair your hearing, or notify you when your heart rate has been elevated for more than ten minutes while you're inactive.

The newest Apple Watch versions can perform ECG and blood oxygen checks, despite not being an approved medical instrument.The Apple Watch also tracks menstrual cycles, and the most recent models include temperature sensors for more accurate ovulation tracking. 


After wearing my Apple Watch for the last three years, I've become a true convert. Not only have I become more aware of what's going on around me – taking into account who is calling and texting during meetings, etc. – but also my physical health has improved in part to its enhanced capabilities. My daily activity tracker and heart rate monitor have kept me motivated to workout more regularly and stay in shape. Plus, with so many great watch faces to choose from, it certainly feels like a fashion statement of sorts when I'm out and about in public.  

Ultimately, the Apple Watch is well worth the investment for anyone looking to stay organized and stay healthy without having to lug around another device. Compared to Samsung watches it is incredible chic. While there's still room for improvement, most of the apps that come with it are intuitive and attractive to navigate through. Apple has done a great job making sure you can use your watch for more than just telling time; indeed, I'd recommend one to anybody looking for an even smarter way to take on your days!