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Are steep roofs more expensive?

Jan 28


Roof repair and installation costs can be affected by many factors. You might be new to homeownership or have never hired someone to inspect your roof. Here are some key factors that could affect the price of your job. The slope of your roof is a key factor that your roofer must consider when estimating the cost of roofing repairs or installations. Here are some things you should know:

What is Roof Slope and How Can We Talk About It?

The roof's pitch (or slope) refers to its steepness. Roofers determine roof slope by measuring how high a roof rises in a given horizontal measurement. This fraction is used to represent the slope. Usually, you will see numbers such as 3/12 or 6/12.


The first number indicates how high the roof rises vertically. The second number is the length of the roof, or how long horizontally it takes for the roof's height to rise. For a visual example, take a look at the following diagram:


Roof slope is usually measured using the second number 12, which represents one foot. A roof with a slope of 6/12 would rise 6 inches per horizontal foot between the gutters and the roof's peak.


Nearly all homes have a different roof slope. While some may view it as an architectural style, the roof's slope serves a functional purpose. The slope of a roof is a function. Rainwater like snow and rain will slide off easier if it is steeper. This is why you will often find steeper roofs in places like the Midwest and Northeast, which receive a lot of snow, and flat roofs in the Southwest that don't get much precipitation.


There are many types of roof slopes. It might help to visualize the differences between a low roof slope and a high one. Here's an example:


  • The High Roof Slope is a common feature in classic home styles like Colonials or Victorians. These roofs are dramatic because they have high, steep roofs. It's not an accident. Homes are subject to a lot of snow in winter. Because of this, steep roof slopes not only look great but also help shed all that snow.
  • Because a low-sloped roof is easier to construct, it is more common in home styles that were popularized in the 50s and 60s. Craftsman homes, traditional ranches, and other homes have lower roof slopes.


You might be considering building a home or replacing your roof. However, steeper roofs can result in higher costs. Most residential homes have roofs that slope from 3/12 to 8/12. Anything higher than this is considered to be steep and will likely cost you more to repair or replace. Here's why:

It's not walkable

Roofs on a steep slope can be difficult to walk on. Your roofer's crew cannot stand on a steep slope and move around installing new shingles. Roofs that are not walkable need to be moved with extra care. Roofers charge by the hour so this can increase the cost of roof repairs.


Because they cannot walk on your roof, roofers who work on steep roofs need additional safety equipment. Emergency Roofing issues needs scaffolding or other rigging depending on the slope of your roof. This is to ensure that all workers are safe while working on your roof. It takes time and money to purchase or rent this equipment, so it will be reflected in your roofing quote.


Steeper roofs require different installation techniques. With a minimum of nails per shingle, flat roofs can be easily installed. To ensure that your shingles are secure against steep roof slopes, you will need to do some extra work. Roofers may need to use more nails per roof, use a different material or create a unique roofing underlayment to meet your local building codes. This is to ensure that your roof does its job. These techniques may require you to spend a little more to have your roof repaired or a new roof installed.


Roofs with steep slopes require more work and require a better crew. Roofers who have to work on steep roofs may not have the necessary crew or the right tools. This means that there is less competition for roofers who can complete such work and that they can set their prices more freely. It's a good idea to get bids from several roofers if you have a steep roof. Also, make sure the roofer you are talking to has had experience with steep roof slopes. Do your research and choose a roofing contractor you feel confident in.


A steep-slope roof can be more expensive and require more time. However, it is possible to find a roofer that will work with you to find the right solution for you, your roof, your budget, and your home. Give a call if you are building a new house and need a roof or if the slope of your roof is affecting future repairs. No matter the slope of your roof, we are happy to assist. Read More: Low-Slope Roofs and Steep-Sloped Roofs