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Ways to add logos to caps for marketing use

Jul 18

Various options to add logos to caps

It is almost certain that embroidery will be your first choice for customizing headwear. While embroidery is an excellent option, it is not the only one.

10 ways to brand your headwear in a traditional or unique way and stay on-trend.

Everything you need to know regarding branding and headwear.

PU Print

PUPrint is a method where your design is printed on PU vinyl, and heat is used to heat it onto the headwear. If your artwork is detailed and has lots of colour, this is the best option. It's durable and cost-effective. Your artwork can be placed anywhere on the headwear. We can place your artwork on entire panels or on small prints, creating the appearance of a badge on a cap.

Flat Embroidery

Flat embroidery is the most popular branding option for headwear. This involves sewing your logo/design onto the helmet. High-thread counts are used to produce a smooth, detailed look and wide variety of colours. This allows logos and designs to be easily transferred onto different surfaces.

3D Embroidery

3D embroidery is another variation of the traditional stitching method. A piece of fabric is placed underneath the top stitch to give the embroidery a 3-dimensional appearance. This gives your embroidery a premium look. It is smoother and more precise.

Appliques (Badge Imprint)

Appliques can be made using a variety of stitching techniques to give your brand a badge look. You will get a product with more character and texture than the other types. You can use a variety of methods to create the perfect design. There are many options: flat embroidery, heat transfer, and 3D embroidery.


Sublimation is when images aren’t printed, but fused to polyester materials. Your design can be printed in unlimited colors. You can also use it on the entire cap, certain panels or the sides of your peak.

Fully customizable

You can combine elements of all the branding options to create your own custom-made headwear. If you can dream it, we can make it. This cap is an example fully customizable headwear. Flat embroidery, sublimation at its peak, chrome stickers and a PU-printed image at the peak are all included. You have 4 branding options available for 1 cap.

Be sure to understand all options when shopping for branding clothing.

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